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Here's what I've been up to

JavaDeploy facilitates the distribution of Java applications by creating native executables for each platform. The JavaDeploy executables can automatically download updates, collect usage metrics, and notify you when users encounter problems. JavaDeploy also handles web applications, cron jobs, daemons, and native code (JNI).
The Mokanet is a distributed data network, designed to facilitate the open exchange of data across organizational units. The system uses java annotation processing and bytecode manipulation to create a transparent persistence layer for developers. The resulting object-oriented database is fast, scalable, and easy to use.
Airforce 2
AirForce2 (aka AForce) is a Graphical, Object Oriented, Platform Independent Shoot-em-up game. The keyboard is used to control a single ship, which must destroy all enemy ships. Arrow keys to turn, space bar to shoot. The game is based on a old Windows 3.1 game called Alien Airforce written by Robert Epps.
BerkeleyWho is a community-maintained contact manager. It's currently available as a free service to UC Berkeley students, allowing students to more easily coordinate and collaborate. The service was inspired by Stanford University's StanfordWho service, but improves on the idea by making a more full-featured product.
CourseRank is the free planning tool that gives students unprecedented access to information about their classes, and their professors. It aims at streamlining the process of choosing the right courses for each student. Built with a few friends from Stanford. One year after incorporating, our company was acquired by Chegg Inc.
NinjaNet is a powerful client-side tool for automatically configuring internet connectivity. The tool will automatically initiate connections with local wifi hot-spots, and do everything in its power to get you up-and-running. This is achived through a variety of techniques, from dynamic configuration of network identification numbers & credentials, to the configuration of DNS tunnels.
EXAMPLESAMPLE aims to increase code reuse, by making it easy for developers to get started with existing libraries. EXAMPLESAMPLE provides high quality stand-alone examples, which are specifically designed to demonstrate the basic capabilities of various libraries. EXAMPLESAMPLE also helps with integration by providing documentation, dependencies, and licensing information.
Breve is an open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment), designed with the philosophy that coding can be fun, and the tools can be seamless. The editor focuses on simplicity and ease of use, while continuing to provide everything you would expect from your IDE, including context sensitive text editing, integrated revision control, and an automated build process.
This site will monitor the Gtalk status of you and your friends, and provide a plethora of interesting statistics. Analytics on how often your friends are online, graphs showing what time they're most likely to be online, a pie chart of their chat clients (gmail, gtalk, android, pidgin, etc), and other random metadata. If you use Gtalk, feel free to poke around and see your own FriendTrends data.
Marauder's Map
The Marauder's Map is a research-application, designed to demonstrate the security principals and vulnerabilities of wireless networks, as well as the privacy implications of being constantly connected! It works by putting the ethernet adapter into promiscuous mode, and collecting wifi data, to plot the locations of all the students on campus. It's a cool security demonstration, and makes for a fun toy.